zaterdag 26 december 2009

Oldtime songs go classic

Time to dust of that tuxedo and your tophat, adjust your monocle and get semi-sophisticated with this selection of wellknown classical tunes in either swinging or somewhat oddly performed versions.

This program includes the following compositions:

Alec Templeton – A trip through a music conservatory
Ted Heath and his Music – Claire de lune
Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra – Rhapsody in Blue (parts 1 & 2)
Noubar Bey – Fantaisie maggiar
Ted Heath and his Music – Alouette
Jack Kaufman – I'll see you in C-U-B-A
Russ Case and his Orchestra - Stompe a la turca (Rondo from Sonata #9)
Alec Templeton – The shortest Wagner opera ever written
Jan August with Jerry Murad and his Harmonicats – March of the Sardar
Ted Heath and his Music – Sabre dance boogie
Carmen Cavallaro and his Orchestra – Enlloro (voodoo moon)
Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra – In a sentimental mood 2
Victor Borge – A lesson in composition (to be followed by “The Blue Serenade”)

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zondag 13 december 2009

The Devil's Night Out

A selection of swinging tunes that will attack your hips and will drive you into the arms of the devil, as any oldtime preacher will tell you. But hey, why not? Party hardy!

Reverend T.E. Weems – God is mad with man
Jonuzi Mu Shöket – Vomé kaba
Al Dexter and his Troopers – Pistol packin' mama
Will Ferdy – Ziede gij mij geire
Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra – Who threw the whiskey in the well?
Tampa Red – Let me play with your poodle
Lucky Millinder and his Orchestra – Big fat mama
Cab Calloway and his Orchestra – Minnie the Moocher
Louis Armstrong – Peanut vendor
Blue Ribbon Boys – Futuristic jungle
Duke Ellington and his Orchestra – Rockin' in rhythm
Fred Waring and his Pensylvanians – Dry bones
Harold Boyce and the Harlem Indians – Wille Willie don't go from me
Tito Puente – Vibe Mambo
Howard Shore – Kuba Mambo
Esquivel – Mucha Muchachas
Enselmo Sacases – Rumba negra
Yma Sumac – Taki rari
Button-Down Brass – Tequila
Howard Shore – Nautch dance
Semi Sheheen – Dabka dance
Ed Young, Lonnie Young and Ed Young Jr. - Jim and John

Get up on your feet HERE

Moondog's Lament (An Introduction)

Moondog (1916-1999) was a poet, a Viking, an inventor of instruments (like the ‘Oo’), a master percussionist and composer, a weird jazzman, a blind man, a hobo. He doesn’t fit in any category really, because his music is just too far out there in his own world. Step into it, have a taste, get hooked if you want to, or just try it.

Moondog Tunes:
Bird’s Lament (slow)
Fog on the Hudson
Stamping ground
Single foot
Viking 1
All is loneliness
Symphonique 6 (Good for Goodie)
Lament 1 (Bird’s Lament)
Dog Trot
Coffee Beans
Moondog’s Symphony 1 (Timberwolf)
Oboe round
Dark Eyes
Instrumental round
Symphonique 3 (Ode to Venus)

Moondog Tunes:Step into Moondog's World HERE

woensdag 2 december 2009

Old Songs of Love

From beaten down blues to fingersnapping happy-go-lucky swingtunes, the old songs were all brutally and sometimes also funnily honest when it came to love, or the loss of it, as this small selection hopefully shows.

Al Jolson & Matty Malneck's Orchestra - After you've gone
Benny Carter & his Swing Quartet - Waltzing the blues
Jimmy Dorsey & his Orchestra with Bing Crosby - In a little hula heaven
Count Basie & his Orchestra - Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Billie Holiday - What a little moonlight can't do
Don Redman & his Orchestra - Watching the knife and fork spoon
Louisiana Rhythym Kings - Pretty baby
Lucky Millinder & his Orchestra - Big fat mama
Wilton Crawley & his Orchestra - You oughta see my gal
Harold Boyce & the Harlem Indians - Wille Willie don't go from me
The Dixie Stompers - Hard-to-get Gertie
Goebble Reeves the Texas Drifter - The cowboy's dizzy sweetheart
Earl Hines Trio - Squeeze me
The Mills Brothers - You always hurt the one you love
Henry 'Red' Allen & his New York Orchestra - Feeling drowzy
Benny Carter & his Orchestra - If I could only read your mind
Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra - The meanest kind of blues
Jed Tompkins - Yield not to temptation

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