zondag 12 februari 2012

Official Summer 2012 Limbo Pre-Party

Winter has lasted more than long enough now, so why not blow away the cold with some steaming mambo, African and Brazilian rhythms, a bit of rock 'n' roll and a few limbo party classics?

Les Baxter – Bom bom
Yma Sumac – Babalu
Red Nichols & his World Famous Pennies – Jungle fever
Kay Kyser & his Orchestra – One-zy, two-zy (I love you-zy)
The Matys Bros. – Muskat ramble
Les Baxter – Congo train
Harry Breuer – Bumble bee bolero
Orchestre Rock a Mambo – El rico Cuban mambo
Franco – Motindo Na Yo Te
Dewayon – Alliance mode succes
Shorty Rogers – Mambo del crow
Marco Valle – Crickets sing for Anamaria
Xavier Cugat – Mambo nr. 5
Bert Kaempfert & his Orchestra – Mambo mania
Alèmayèhu Eshèté - Telantena Zaré
Rufus Thomas – Do the funky penguin
Los Apsons – Suzy Q
The Champs – Limbo rock
Louis Prima – Banana Split for my baby
The Guitars Unlimited plus 7 – Crazy rhythm
Jo An Castle – Tico Tico
Southern Tropical Steel Band – Caramelos
Xavier Cugat – Theme from Zorba the Greek

Listen or download HERE