zondag 22 maart 2009

Ol' Dusty 78s Records Mix

A special selection of crackling blues records, Arabic 30s swing, French mambo, Apalachian folk traditionals and some roots jazz. Don’t know about you, but this old stuff always makes me smile.

Record selection:
Alan Lomax – Comments on the early days of collecting
David Boeddinghause - Ragtime Nightingale
Fairouz – Hala la laya
Geechie Wiley - Last kind word blues
Mark and André – Sunday is a bore
Anne Shelton – Blues in the night
Semi Sheheen – Dance Sherazad
Lonnie Young, Ed Young and Lonnie Young Jr. – Jim and John
T.J. Chesser – Field Holler
Clarence Ashley – The coo coo bird
Hanan and Feyrouz – Swing
Semi Sheheen – Dabka Dance
Claire Leclerc – Magic Flowers
Al Chark – Nights of Happiness
David Boeddinghause - Frog-I-More Rag
Eddie Constantine – Announce the sunlight
Billie Holiday – I cover the waterfront
Skip James – Devil got my woman

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