woensdag 2 juni 2010

Space Age Stereophonic Pop Bonanza (BBQ edit)

Some summery and highly stereophonic tunes to light your BBQs with, a best of selection from the Space Age Pop compilations, celebrating the strange and funny tunes that kept the cocktailparties in the 50s and early 60s swinging till the early hours.

Esquivel – Jungle Drum
Sir Julian – Caravan
The 3 Suns – Fever
John Klein & Sid Ramin – The Third Man Theme
Bernie Green & his Orchestra – Under Paris Skies
Bob Thompson, his Choir & Orchestra – Diga Diga Doo
Leo Addeo & his Orchestra – Stumbling
The 3 Suns – Delicado
Esquivel – Foolin' around
Perez Prado – Why wait
The 3 Suns – Danny's inferno
Henry Mancini – Springtime for Hitler
Perez Prado – Monitor Mambo
Russ Case & his Orchestra – Wardance of the wooden indians
Sauter-Finegan Orchestra – Swingcussion
The Guitars Unlimited plus 7 – Crazy Rhythm
Bernie Green & his Orchestra – Ping Pong
Esquivel – Carioca
The 3 Suns – Caravan

Light up that BBQ HERE

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